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Covid -19 was challenging on everyone this year.  Rina Puska (Mrs P) a nurse found herself feeling lost as the worlds stressors on health care began to change patients, her co-workers and herself. 

Encouraged by her husband and her kids, Rina began to dream of a life after Nursing.  And it all began with this story…..


This is Rina’s first book and it was inspired by a tale that began at a kitchen table, after all isn’t that the place where the best tales start.   Rina spoke to her kids about a place where children could get back to being free.  Where story time happened daily, phones were put away; you could snuggle with little animals get mud underneath your feet, have a simpler state of mind.  A place to escape the world, maybe even feel a little magic.  


This imaginary place was “Itty Bitty Acres”, that is until Rina wrote this story and the family built the farm and brought it to life, Magical Memories.  “The team that could” are real mini animals living with Mrs. P and Gus.  You can expect to see Silkie chickens running around, or even have a sit down with Santa. 


On this little farm you will feel free, loved, and accepted, just like the animals that live there.  It all started with Rina believing in herself, and the support of her family.

We've made this an AirBnB Farm experience so anyone can feel like they live on the farm for a few days.

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